Alex Yaro has cemented himself as a master of capturing the intuitive and provocative

Alex moved to Miami from the Ukraine ten years ago, and we'd say he hasn't regretted it for a second.

He then started working with top photographers to gain a better understanding of the trade, and, of course, to travel to one of the most beautiful places. His experiences served to develop his photographic picture perfect vision while nurturing his talent for capturing people and exotic experience. 

Over time, Alex developed an unfailing ability to seize the fleeting essence of the moment, 
His sensitivity for visual content has positioned him as one of Miami’s top photographer and social media content creator, receiving assignments from national and international tittles such as GQ, Maxim, Bazaar and Vogue. 
With a background in art and a passion for people and style, Alex has developed a very distinctive signature edge on image composition. This versatility has gained him the trust of creatives, fashion brands and advertising executives to tell stories that require unique visual content to express their exotic designs.

"To become a successful photographer you need to be truly passionate about what you're doing as well as create something new while staying true to your style,"